• rewind between home from AZ and going to Japan

    rewind between home from AZ and going to Japan

    to rewind a little bit from the last entry, this blog is a photo smearing of rides and hangs in the woods between getting home from out west in early April, to right before I left for Japan. of course Japan needs its own blog post, and I have so many photos to go through… Read more

  • spring fling 2023 story

    spring fling 2023 story

    a little out of chronological order with this post — a lot happened between Sedona and now — a whole month and a half of riding and hundreds of shutter clicks. addicted to that shutter click. addicted to bikes! and sun. and chocolate. it all began with a few folks who have been coming out… Read more

  • sedona spring break

    sedona spring break

    my first visit to the southwest was a trip to Sedona in 1997. red rocks, dangling chilly ristras, and Kokopelli tchotchkes — a whole new world. I was 17 and had only seen New England — only ridden the stodgy soggy landscapes of my home region, bounding and bouncing my way at maximum low speeds… Read more

  • 2023 Nutmeg Country Spring Fling info and reg

    2023 Nutmeg Country Spring Fling info and reg

    Hi Everyone here in the northeast. its spring (it already sprung; 87 here this Friday), but we are still treating it like its a new kinda thing here on the New England riviera. For the third year we are throwing a small bike celebration (much smaller than the fall nutmeg nor’easter) to bring in the… Read more

  • 110 miles 11,000 ft

    110 miles 11,000 ft

    the first time I had an extended stay in Tucson was back in January of 2016. I’d met a fellow named Nate via DM’s — the manager of a now bygone bike shop. He showed me nearly everything that made me fall in love with the city of Tucson and the surrounding area — a… Read more

  • misc. AZ roundup

    misc. AZ roundup

    so in addition to what I was talking about last week from the valley with no river, i also had about 1.5 more weeks down there with Adam (Randal) Sklar and Jordan Gomez. the settlement had become settled, and the western weather was at long last conducive to some full time outdoor living. here are… Read more