• drop bars alumalith

    drop bars alumalith

    when building up my alumalith 01, I had a decently difficult time (in the best of ways) deciding what bars I wanted to use, both more functionality and overall example to the internet. as many of you know I went with my uncle rons ortho upright bars, as I do believe them to be the […] Read more

  • ATB local looping (vacay pt 3)

    ATB local looping (vacay pt 3)

    now that we were back home with a 2 week staycation ahead of us, we could relax into the Hollidays — most of my friends were off work too, so plenty of mid week jaunts into the woods were in order. I am power posting these blogs now that I figured out the layout. I […] Read more

  • wintär vacation pt 2

    wintär vacation pt 2

    freshly returned from the west coast, Arya and I went into the factory in Waterbury to tie up loose ends before the 2.5 week staff vacation. we drive by Castle Craig (such a funny name for a castle) every time we commute betwixt our home and work, and for whatever reason never made the stop. […] Read more

  • wintär vacation pt 1

    wintär vacation pt 1

    December has been a pretty relaxed month with bursts of action and work. We got things set up at the factory so that we could work remotely for a few weeks and headed to Ojai for some quad sculpting in the sun with friends Serena, Kasia, Taylor, Jordan, Sean, Patrick, Arya and myself. we rented […] Read more

  • to Larkin Cycles to go halves on bike boxes

    to Larkin Cycles to go halves on bike boxes

    could be the last ferry of the season … good excuse to take a ride over the other side of the river to deep river — home of the recently LA to here transplant, and all round really talented and great guy. we had to buy some bike boxes. its so hard to find the […] Read more

  • since the leaves came down

    since the leaves came down

    ive been getting out on my winter bike hikes and its been really nice, okay? Read more