• social season

    social season

    October is our busiest month on the calendar — intentionally busy, pre 2020 it was a time we’d always turn our wheels east to visit family in the peak of golden season — the most nostalgically scenic time of year, and quintessentially New England. now that we live here, and have some increasingly less mouse […] Read more

  • “meet me in johnstown” they said

    “meet me in johnstown” they said

    Al Morris stewed up a fun weekend in a place they’ve never been — a place a lot of people have never been — the ol’ steel town of mythical floods that aren’t so mythical. a tragic history to this town // thousands dead // several floods. you can read more on that somewhere else. […] Read more

  • my first official vacation

    my first official vacation

    its true, now that we are working stiffs, rides that used to be our job’s are now our vacations. not sure how that happened — too early to tell if it was a good decision — but what isss a good decision anyway?? it’s been well documented that humans get used to just about anything… […] Read more

  • 2022 nutmeg country single track spring fling

    2022 nutmeg country single track spring fling

    Easter Weekend! Meet at the Hadlyme Ferry landing in Lyme CT across the river from chester at 10:40. the first ferry of the day leaves the chester side at 10:30am. last ferry from the Hadlyme side is 5:20 pm, so take into account your fitness and bike handling skills if you plan on parking in […] Read more

  • weekend and midweek jaunts at the end of peaking

    weekend and midweek jaunts at the end of peaking

    some rides from the past week. ive been getting out mid day and going to work from 2-dinner time to take advantage of the light now that its dark at 4:20. okay, gotta gt to work early today — Mondays, ammmmiiirriggghhht??? other news would be we mayyybeee have frame building undergrounder “Darren Larkin” moving to […] Read more

  • arya’s weigle

    arya’s weigle