• Last ride in New England for the “winter”

    Last ride in New England for the “winter”

    last weekend was a sunny day in a cloudy and bleak weather pattern that seemed like it would last forever. turns out forever is 2 weeks. a big freeze came through the area just the day before, dropping temps in our mild corner of the world to the lowest in a century (-5), but only… Read more

  • Romanceür customer build

    Romanceür customer build

    its been a while since we’ve done a custom build::::.. the concept of the original “Ron’s Bikes” (where I would do this out of our van from the road) fell by the wayside as I am really slow at building and our attention spread other places. we were lucky enough to have Jay from nearby… Read more

  • New England trail

    New England trail

    the first other alumalith other than my own is officially built up and electronically shifting in and over the glacially tortured boulders of the lower CT valley. electronic shifting with rim brakes is something I’ve seen both Peter Weigle and Brian Chapman do — but this is there first “mountain bike” that I know of.… Read more

  • cloudy days

    cloudy days

    2 weeks of clouds — warm clouds — but clouds. I am usually in desert southern places right now, and exception only broken once in 13 years … that whole 2020 thing you might remember. still headed down to Arizona, but not for another week or so. I plan on laying down naked and sizzling… Read more

  • internal warmth in winter

    internal warmth in winter

    the temps were 30-40 this past weekend, so we mainly stuck to the trails on Saturday and Sunday. i’ve touched on this before, but if you live in a place where snow does not stick around when it happens, if at all — and it’s too cold to get out on the road or any… Read more

  • picking up the alumaliths at frank the welders

    picking up the alumaliths at frank the welders

    the time has at long last arrived, the first run of Alumaliths are now being prepped and polished to ship. Last Monday I took the 2.3 hour drive north on I91 to Frank’s shop — something I’d only done in my dreams — but there is a fine line between dreams and reality these days… Read more