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spring fling 2023 story

a little out of chronological order with this post — a lot happened between Sedona and now — a whole month and a half of riding and hundreds of shutter clicks. addicted to that shutter click. addicted to bikes! and sun. and chocolate.

it all began with a few folks who have been coming out here to ride with us for several years from Boston and New York staying down by the swim hole Friday night. We had about 15 at the “camp site”. we had folks as far away as Florida and Virginia with us down there, and it was really nice to chat it up and kick the tires so to speak. a good old fashioned saddle sniffing.

on Saturday morning we got our acts together and several folks rolled down the hill to the Hadlyme country market for a pre ride breakfast. nice when such an ambitious ride can leave at 11 on account of how much daylight there is right now!

we rolled further down to the Hadlyme ferry landing where roughly 100 folks awaited their doses of pleasure and pain. a quick pep talk from Peter at the East Hadda Land Trust, and we were off at 11:05.

over the 3 humps of Joshuatown rd and over the 8 mile river bridge to Peter Weigle’s Cut Through. Peter was waiting for us with his shop open and a nice spread of French things to indulge in. not to mention the French Connecticut bikes we are so well known for around here because of Peter’s influence.

we mingled here for a bit before heading through the green hole in the back of Peter’s yard that cuts us through to the lovely Sterling City rd.

troy was only with us for a moment on his weigle road bike before he had to go to work 🥹

what a day for a big bike ride! 72 and bright sun. what a spring it has been around these parts. full splendor on display!

we reconvened for a moment on Keeney rd after a short taste of single track … I think most skinny tired folks realized what they’d gotten into here and rerouted — I hope — because it was a little spicy in spots the rest of the ride down to the beach. but we aren’t there yet. Keeney is a delight for all IMO!

I thought this rider was cool

so on through the countryside meandering down down down to the beach — but its uphill also. hilly. full of splendor and sensations! I love riding here.

a water refill next to Rodger’s lake and then dipping into one of many preserves down south of I-95 humming overhead.

many of you will remember this spot! lol

we came to a recently hacked away part of a quarry trail that used to go through no problem as little as 3 weeks ago, but ummm….. those of you who had the route loaded on your head units likely had no problem, but others I don’t think ever made it through. head units are worth every penny in my opinion. especially for rides out east where there are countless turns, trials, and roads… and did I mention turns!

first view of the ocean (Long Island sound)

but the rewards are big, as you soon drop into Rocky Neck and ride a trail along a tidal creek that pops you out into a most lovely scene.

the neck

a few riders had successfully made it to the picnic spot before us … and about 50 others joined before we scooted off for the more challenging (for those who chose the ATB route) back on the Goodwin Trail.

the freshest weigle in the bunch belongs to Fred from Hemlock Valley rd.
Joe Cruz in full fancy picnic mode

time to pedal north and split the route. folks who chose the more lax roadie way back had an easy go of it on country roads with a bit of elevation gain, but the sadists had a real treat awaiting them in the form of a complete taint rearrange.

Jake from Maine

I only took like one photo on the 14 mile single track chunk track section cuz I was having so much fun chasing Joe Hubba and his 50mg dose of THC.

thanks for snapping this Jess!

we paused for a snack at turtle rock and Jess got this fun group shot of the kinda lead group of us on the trail. by this point we were plenty battered, but if I can speak for myself, in pure ecstasy… blissed out. I think Jess was too by the smile on their face.

we had a really good rest of our time on the trail and then went up a reportedly sadistic climb from the Devil’s Hopyard valley to the top of Clark Hill before gently descending all the way back to the ferry landing on the Connecticut River.

Joe Cruz looking good at the end of the day

oh that was good good good! I am reminded of how much energy I get from leading rides like this — its really the only way I socialize, and I love it so very much. thanks for coming out everyone!

rolling back down to the ferry

10 responses to “spring fling 2023 story”

  1. Danee Bwoooy Avatar
    Danee Bwoooy

    The best riiiide.


  2. Stephen Avatar

    Think you’re cool too Ron, it was fun riding with you! Won’t forget my spare tubes next time ha!


  3. Cass Gilbert Avatar

    I am excited to be in this magical part of the world soon. Also, the weather looks great!


  4. ericmarth Avatar

    A cracking good time and lovely routes up there in your valley.

    The Appaloosa rider is Stephen!

    Thanks for having us out.


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      great meeting you Eric —- hope you make it back up for the Nor’Easter this fall!


  5. Amandagates Avatar

    But did ya’ll miss us????? We were so bummed we couldn’t make it. All our friends out having fun and here we are, stuck in Pennsylvania like a couple of dicks. Can’t wait till fall!


    1.  Avatar

      I def missed y’all Amanda. But don’t worry, your taints were spared this go around.


    2. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      yes, ya’ll were very much missed! but now you can stay the whole week if you come by in that snazzy camper van!


  6.  Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the pics – was hoping to join but broke a bone 2 weeks before the Spring Fling so had to sit it out. Glad to see the pics.


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      oof, happens to all of us — heal up soon!


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