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misc. AZ roundup

so in addition to what I was talking about last week from the valley with no river, i also had about 1.5 more weeks down there with Adam (Randal) Sklar and Jordan Gomez. the settlement had become settled, and the western weather was at long last conducive to some full time outdoor living. here are some short stories and photos from the daily rides of the last week point five down in AZ.

Taylor from Roly-Poly coffee came down with Randal Sklar on a hot line from Bozeman. Bozeman has a lot of good food that has come along with the real estate prices, and Taylor is part of the good food part with his creatively hip (don’t use the word you are thinking!) coffee shop and roaster (his beans come in cans!). We don’t have an h word coffee shop in East Haddam, so this stuff gets to be novel for me. well it was fun of Taylor to come down for a few days to converse with us about tasting notes during our extended aroma ceremonies.

Taylor down a hill that we took a wrong turn on and had to go back up. classic .

we did a fun lil exploratory mission on the day above before retreating back to tucson during a rain/snow storm. we would be back to connect this new wrong turn to some fun stuff on the horizon.

the master of sparks is back!

since we were back in tucson I took it upon myself to take a lil walk to Bicas to see if I could find myself a replacement recumbent for the one that was stolen during the pandemic. immediately upon walking through the open doors I spotted one of many holy grails for ‘bent enthusiasts. an EZ racer gold rush. this thing was the first bike to go over 60mph way back when. well not this exact bike — but one of these with a bubble fairing. all jokes aside (and I know the jokes!), this thing is theee tiiiiits. look up bad ass in the dictionary, and there will be a photo of my EZ racer some day. some day. lets see if I can get this one primped for a radavist shoot.

good excuse whilst in town to ride some of Tucson’s plentiful in town single track with ‘Bert (not on the EZ racer). tucson is my fav city if you didn’t know. I am not much for cities, but I like this one for a few months out of the year.

good stuff eh? just a short pedal from town. this was a little bit after it had rained, and the smells were better than our aroma ceremonies even!!!

a day later Randal, Jordan and I headed back down to “LTS”. here we are on our first night back doing a lil sunset loop. dusky dust dusk.

look at these cuties! lucky guy to have these cuties around me. I have some of the best times of my life with these two. time to go on that exploratory ride the next day. looks like we have a few washes to connect on the map — I was once told : where there’s a wash there is a way — nice routing options in the desert considering.

the aroma ceremony

the next day after the mandatory aroma ceremony, we were hippy speedballed up and ready to ride. not yet though. not in these photos.

my fellow sun boiy J Gomez

ok ok enough of this soft core relaxation — lets drrrrop into the red room!

its a good photo, I know. nailed it!

I love riding new stuff — no wash connectors yet — only boarder patrol trucks. they are friendly to us cuz we are so friendly and mostly white, but yah…. complicated stuff that you all know about. its just more in your face down here. so something to try and be comfortable with if you are going to recreate in a place with so much pain just bellow the surface.


we stopped at what we’d been referring to as “the warshman’s house” at the end of the road before it turned to a wash. had some lunch and combustibles before committing to our connector.

this being a place that holds water from time to time — there were plenty of reminders in discarded shoes, blankets, and water jugs that we were now in a place where many had suffered. It’s an uneasy feeling recreating in a place like that — so we did not linger long. after about 1.5 hours of wash wiping, we were back on a border road on the other side. where there is a wash there is indeed a way today.

a tough ride, now we have to go up that!
the wash was somewhere down in that. this photo taken from the boarder on the other side. you can see that ridge in the background in some of these other photos above for orientation. such a cool zone!

and thats pretty much it. I think I still have another post to wrap up Arizona — it will likely be heavy on the dirt mt. lemon ride though and some AZT stuff. ohhhkayyy, have a nice day!!!!!



4 responses to “misc. AZ roundup”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Great post. I’m really enjoying your photography skills Ronnie. Well done. I did not picture you as a recumbent sort of person, but I’d like to know more about that. That Border Patrol stuff is scary. I wondered about that as we were driving from SanAntonio to Padre.


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      hi Peter — thanks for the kind words. and yes, I have been a recumbent person on and off since I was 18 believe it or not. glad to have one again.


  2. Piskian Avatar

    Looking FWD to a recumberbatch of rad pics.
    If you namedrop Mike Burrows (yeah the Lotus/Giant Once frame bloke) casually into a roadie chat,then blurt out that he got those ideas from his Windcheetah HPV project, that’d throw the Cat3 amongst the Roger Pigeons.
    Cheers Mehta


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      thats the good stuff! been using 3 size original TCR ethos in designing my latest alu-frank groad bike. I did not know about Mike’s association with ‘bents though — makes a lot of sense after seeing a photo of him!


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