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Times down in the valley with no river

A brief reunion with sweet namz arya

Surprise surprise, Arya could not stay away from the sun, and my buns. If you’d like to see said buns, then all you have to do is ask. I’m not shy, and like to be desired for my body. Thats old news though, this post is all about the visitors last week to “LTS” (long term settlement) down in the San Rafael valley AKA grav’l meca double decker. Although i am beginning to wonder this year just how up and coming this area might not be. The average age of everyone we’ve seen around (granted we have not seen many folks) is about 70. An average age older than CT! What a place to retire and become a sun and dirt worshiper from the comfort of an RV though —- suppose we are just trying to get a head start.

Arya and Molly in the ol’ valley-o

In our 8th winter here, we are really figuring a few things out. Such as how to extract a full 3-4 bars or LTE from the local tower, and throttling it so hard that baby bennnndssss. It does make life a lot easier when we can be plugged in for part of the day at work with a reliable connection (like now for example).

The work life balance for me works out ohhhkayyy out here as the office usually has nice views. Just gotta have the connection for work to work—-same for movie night. 1080p HD make that tower bend!

A night at the cinema on the side of the Crust van

Cheech and Matt of Crust Bikes rolled through on their way from Australia (not sure how this box truck floated) to Midsouth then home to Richmond Virginia. They like motorcycles as you might notice from this photo. I will go on record saying i do not like motorcycles —-but i love matt and cheech. Is the term “love” overused??? Not in this case, but I think so —-this opinion coming from a metal hed gen Xer of the east coast.

Matt and Arya with Mexico back there

We got to do 2 days of fun ridings with some AZT samplers thrown in before Arya made a last minute decision and got in the box truck with Cheech and Matt to head off to Oklahoma for Mid South to try and sell some bikes to the gravel daddios with all the ca$hios. Arya was on the fence about a road trip across Texas … but an opportunity to hang with friends she does not get to see often enough made the decision easy —- Arya means the word “love” when she uses it. I love that about her.

Jordan on the infamous red hill

Still some snow up high —- worth noting that the SR valley is higher, hence colder than Tucson to the north. It’s a more winter than usual around here, and its really showing with the greenery and other scenery. Luckily none of that mud that you can build houses from was present.

As I contemplate the times of LTS 2023 this year as Jordan, Randal Sklar, and i spend our 13th evening here —-all i can think is the obvious —- wow it goes quick. Another week though. Another week to look forward to. All the visitors are nice, as they are only visiting after all!

arent we all though??

All rhetorical here in this post. Hope everyone has a nice week!


11 responses to “Times down in the valley with no river”

  1. Jake Avatar

    Dirt roads, rock climbing, wildlife viewing, and wine country. Less than a day’s drive down to beachside resorts in Old Mexico. One could do much worse for a retirement destination! It’s on my list.


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      its one of my favorite spots for sure. enjoy when you make it!


  2. Peter Arthur Avatar
    Peter Arthur

    REally enjoying your Blog Ronnie. Love the photos.


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      thanks Peter — I feel like I might actually be into doing it for once all these years in! the comments help!


  3. Devo Avatar

    I watch Superbad too after every ride.


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      its a really good post ride cool down


  4. Cass Avatar

    Outdoor cinema is next level.

    Also, can I get nerdy and ask about your Crust with the sweepers (as seen on IG)? That would be a beautiful aesthetic for Oaxacan dirt.

    And also… long live the Web Log!


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      really felt like we were into something there with the trailside cinema. you like that Alumalith eh Cass? if you dig around here a few pages back you can find the story behind it. we did a run of 55 made by frank the welder in Vermont — and the sweepers are unfortunately perpetually out of stock —- but I agree its the perfect Oaxacan dirt buggy.

      and also … the world is waiting for while out riding to relaunch!

      XO hope to see you some day soon!~


      1. Cass Gilbert Avatar

        I went down the Alumalith rabbit hole just the other evening while munching on the devil’s lettuce. Love it!

        I might be in Vermont in May! Maybe…


  5. MTL bikes Avatar
    MTL bikes

    Perhaps a nutmeg 2023 spring fling this year? Thanks for the bloggio , i sure love catchin’ up with ya.
    Safe travels


    1.  Avatar

      Yes there will be! Next post will be about that. Set the calendars for the first weekend of May!


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