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Annual Lael Wilcox fan (me) ride

ive been a Lael fan since before Lael’s Globe of Adventure. Thats a deep deep cut, and unfortunately the actual site is no longer there. Worth clicking around that ol’ blog as it serves to me as original inspiration to go off and live from the saddle of the touring bike. A cheep and easy way to find freedom, and Lael never really looked back. From a chill rider out for fun, to thee GOAT.

First time meeting Lael right after she won the 2016 Trans Am

In 2016 we finally got to meet. She’d just finished and won the 2016 Trans Am, and was riding from the finish in Virginia on up to upstate New York with her then partner Nick. Arya and i were living in a small cottage in Westbrook CT, and it happened to be right on their way north. Even though Lael was riding her Trans Am bike (in the picture), she still agreed to go on the rough road n’ chunk pizza ride my local friends and i would do each tuesday night. Gotta love the flat pedals time trial bike with Birkenstocks look— Lael always a trend setter. I used to have more photos from this visit, but alas they have evaporated. I will put a lil video with the original IG post and comments in it. Wow, remember when one static square photo of leaves and a bridge could get you 2700 likes?! Guess our Atlantis’s were that cool. They were now that i think about it.

Low quality taken from IG
Feels like so long ago! It’s not though. What a weird world.

i am realizing this is reading like some sort of obituary —- weird, sorry. It’s just a Lael fan boiy post. Lael and her wildly talented partner Rue live in Tucson, so i get to hang and ride with them each winter during my visits. I pinch myself every time. Only got to do 2 rides this year since they were headed to Alaska to ride a 1000 mile section of the Iditarod Trail for fun. Not my kinda fun —-but these local tucson rides we get to share each year are always a highlight.

Hubert in the foreground. I think he needs to size down his helmet if he is watching. I know he reads this.

we got to pick off some classic in star pass one day, and then do a roady sand box loop over in Saguaro West the next. Okay enough bumbling… here are some photos!

Lael is going for the tripple crown this year. All the dramz with the videos and the “support crew” to be avoided by just going to beat them with their own “rules”. Perhaps the “” express my view on the subject. I know she can do it, and i am very excited to watch that LW dot on the map!

Thanks everyone!


3 responses to “Annual Lael Wilcox fan (me) ride”

  1. ericmarth Avatar

    Love Lael and your Lael Taels, Ron.

    Nice blend of Campy ergopower and XTR on the ‘Max. What sort of magic is required for the FD? Could I click myself into a stupor with any slender old road front mech with a compact double setup and an ergopower 11s?


  2. Jay Avatar

    Dang I remember that dude before he started frame building in Burlington.
    Rad to know he’s still doing it.

    Love Tucson.


  3. Piskian Avatar

    Re:the socials,as Carly said, it’s coming around again.
    I reckon the EF TT POC helmets are the future,forget the Gravel one,you can store several bags of mixed nuts and a libation of your choice up on the noggin.


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