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made it to AZ

and we made it to tucson

after an extended stay in Terlingua TX you may have read about in the last post, Patz and I drove through a windstorm across west Texas-NM-and AZ. 45 mph sustained with 60 gusts — more wind than I have ever felt, and there were a bunch of tipped over semis on the sides of the highways to prove it. probably should have stayed put, but Arya ol’ Namz was coming for a visit along with Sam and Sal! we simply HAD to be there. to Tucson or bust/blow!

Sal of Sal’s bikes

once the wind blew over, the typical Sonoran desert winter feels presented themselves and the dirt doth callith.

evidence of that wind storm that was a snow storm in much of the west could be seen in the upper peaks of the Catalinas. sadly we would not be climbing the Mt. Lemmon control rd any time soon.

so noice to see my beloved angel from above — N A M Z ; Arya to you. such a style icon!

Mo! blurry by accident, but fun.

Great to see Moniqué also. revolta art is their stuff. Mo led us on a nice relaxer in Honey Bee. Buffed out turns at sundown with pals… feeling grateful!

then it was the sad time for Sal and Sam to hit the road back to Detroit. Wish these hangs could last forever! I know Arya sure does. Sal and Sam are among the best out there. Be on the lookout for Jubilee mfg and Shovel Research. gonna be big!


then ol’ ‘Bert took us out for a nice cruise in 50 year trails. ooooh its nice to snort this dirt again. right to the brain.

we got our style icon to wear the same outfit again.

after all that, it was time for Patz to fly home to Portland. he had an extended stay with the snow storm up there cancelling flights all weekend — turned out to be a lovely weekend in Tucson, so I think he was happy about it. although we are not happy he had to go.

the scene back at Huberts shop is like coming home. realize we’ve been hanging here every winter since 2015 — where doth thee timeth goith?

xo R.R.

6 responses to “made it to AZ”

  1. Treebeard Avatar

    Looks like Nam is riding an old ti – buckshaver fat chance?


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      close! its a fat ti officially with a funky fork Hubert made for it


  2. Mel Avatar

    Very sad to see you didn’t do any riding in NM! It’s one of a kind


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      I know I know — the weather was not friendly this time through — got a good sampling while doing the NM off road runner route a few years back though. mmmmm. need more samples. also need more smothered enchiladas in my life


  3. jay Avatar

    please do it for me.
    oh how I miss those wet burrito platers.


  4. crawdaddy Avatar

    I hope your refueling on grotesquely large mexican food platters.


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