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Romanceür customer build

first bike shoot/build at Nutmeg Needleworks in Waterbury CT

its been a while since we’ve done a custom build::::.. the concept of the original “Ron’s Bikes” (where I would do this out of our van from the road) fell by the wayside as I am really slow at building and our attention spread other places.

Mechanical Jay

we were lucky enough to have Jay from nearby Naugatuck to not only help with the Alumalith prep and shipping, but also to do customer a few customer builds again, right from our factory in Waterbury.

testing the brakes after hours

here are some photos of a finished Crust Romanceür build. price for a bike built up like this is right around $3500 and includes a Crust dynamo wheelset and Paul parts where necessary. Mars JFF 650bx55 round everything out. this bike will feature a small doom’d black X50 lava Fab’s Chest resting on a Pec Dec V2 “rod steward”.

broken down and packed up — shipped off to a lucky person in Montana!

have a nice weekend!

2 responses to “Romanceür customer build”

  1. wilsonhoyer Avatar

    Great post. Wonderful photos, handsome bicycle, and I love the shop. I only recently learned that the revered Sackville products come from the same place. Tough to decide who I want to support when I finally can afford one 🙂


    1. coolultraromance1598 Avatar

      Kiss kiss! Yes, we are very happy to live in Sackville

      Liked by 1 person

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