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internal warmth in winter

troy deep in the geological torture

the temps were 30-40 this past weekend, so we mainly stuck to the trails on Saturday and Sunday. i’ve touched on this before, but if you live in a place where snow does not stick around when it happens, if at all — and it’s too cold to get out on the road or any type of ride where wind chill out-chills the chill vibes, then consider the trails. low to no windchill, and all the internal furnace inducing high heart rate highs that keep your mood and fitness stabilized through the season.

Old Saybrook long island sound hangs with the pier as a wind break

pack some warm beverages in the thermos things — I like these thermoses, they are brilliant and keep this warm for as long as you’d ever need. with a few small adjustments to a VO Mojave cage, you too can carry one on your bike. really elevates the winter riding experience, and gives you a nice excuse to stop and enjoy the surroundings on an otherwise cold grey day.

Ballz enjoying that last drop

the remainder of the images in this post pertain to the day rides of Saturday and Sunday. I hope you all had nice weekends, and for those who have not weekends, then whatever days you get to spend doing what brings you the joys.

so that was Saturday — we got to ride to the beach, and that was fun. what a different scene than peak summer when we would ride down to take a dip on those steamy days.

yard hangs before the ATB intensive Sunday ride. not much sun on this day, but we had the fire going in that influenced solo stove my parents got us for Christmas last year. it really works! always nice to have a cozy tea and puff while everyone shows up. 5 of us on this day! core crew. I just learned that term.

jay dropping down Lena preserve
the “ancient oak”
ancient oak hangs

mostly the Goodwin trail on this ride. did about 9 miles of it towards Salem. I LOVE this trail. its an anomaly in our region for sure — 13 miles long already, and it stays out there — way out there. it is proposed to head north through Devils Hopyard to connect with the airline trail above the salmon river. love thinking about the future of outdoor recreation at the bottom of the CT river valley. so much potential.

new bog bridge who dis?!
turtle rock hangs. you can’t see it here, but thats another big ol’ chunk of granite!

everyone was pretty beat at this point from all the rock crawling on the Goodwin, but thats what we signed up for! still plenty of opportunities to stop and take those tea sips from the thermos. I had hot cocoa and turmeric.

a quick peep at the overlook above the devils hop yard, then up Mitchel hill and down to our hollow where we installed troy’s headset and got a few other things ready for his Alumalith build.

we will again be hosting our annual Spring Fling in April featuring the full length of the Goodwin trial.



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  1. Amandagates Avatar

    Cold weather riding in Bean boots, it doesn’t get more New England than that!

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