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40 degrees feels great in the winter woods when the sun shines all day. what a bright blue day for our Sunday ride this week. only three of us, but 3’s a crowd ya know. Josh is on a lovers vacation in Oaxaca, Joe was sick, Lars had a plumbing accident and so on… after a nice tea and chat in the Adirondack chairs against the stone wall , we began pedaling up Clark Hill.

dropping down the trail in Lena preserve is always a good way to start the a ride. I love that trail, makes me feel like we are way out there, and I guess we kinda are. its a great valley cut down to the 8 mile river. we took it slow and easy, feeling the sun all the way through.

Bryce and Red Shorts

stoped for snacks more than a few times, the trees, as barren as they are this time of year, still blocked enough wind for a good amount of January comfort. and did I mention that sun! still another month before I head to Arizona, so I’m really savoring every beam of light.

saved taking a good long snack break for when we dipped up to the Devils Hopyard tablet rock overlook thing. the granite “tablet” had been warming most of the day like a giant iPad, so it provided a nice perch to lounge.

lounging is nice in January. had a half thermos of tea left and a big ol’ fatty to poof down. Bryce brought some binoculars, and troy used them. what he saw, is between him and what he saw.

took a creative way back up the other side of the valley — went up this way a few weeks ago, was happy to show off body by bike hike. also some fun techy stuff to roll down that is equally as techy bike hiking up.

these photos were with a Ricoh GR IIIx

I had a nice day, thanks.

R o n n i e

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