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selfies of riding with one’s self

if you want something done do it your(selfie)

at this point in my “hey can I take your photo?” journey, I’ve said that enough that no one really takes a camera out riding with me any more… oh well… only John Watson takes photos of meeee these days … could be worse. thats why I have one of those cool little bendy Gumby pocked tripods. would you believe me if I said I get the shot the first try most times?

the trail on an old town road that takes me from our house to the spider web of old connectors that make this area so special IMO

I find riding alone can be made really fun with these little camera creativity stops along the way — its nice not to feel the pressure of breaking up someone else’s ride for the sake of your own “hey man, im an artist!” art fart. also an opportunity to hydrate.

hydrating above the salmon river meeting the great Connecticut river

photos without bikes and bikes without photos — not interested in either, personally. glad they go so well together … constantly framing my surroundings from the saddle helps me see what would routinely pass by as ordinary as something more— a deeper beauty or curiosity. I have IG to thank for getting me into this mindset — maybe Tumblr too — weird how tech can have positive effects, but when abused becomes an unraveling.

enjoy the rest of these solo bike ride photos from the last week or so::::

6 responses to “selfies of riding with one’s self”

  1. Captain Ron Avatar
    Captain Ron

    Enjoying the blog Ron…not to reduce everything to techy tech, but I’m curious about your bike photo set up–camera type, post-production, etc etc. Proof is in the pudding and your images look great. Happy new year!


    1. Ronnie Romnce Avatar
      Ronnie Romnce

      Hi Capt. thanks for the kind words — I love talking camera tech, so no apologies needed! these were all taken with a fuji x100f with a 10% cinembloom diffusion filter — that filter is pretty mild IMO, although most photo YouTubers think its almost too much. I think my style would lend better to the 20% filter, so maybe ill try that. but it works great for that hazy into the sun feeling. I shoot mostly raw, and occasionally with a jpg recipe (well like half the time). the jpg recipes are fun to start with from //// these were all with a portra 160 filter in Lightroom over the raw files. pretty quick editing — its a hobby of mine that I enjoy as much as taking the photo. I also use a Ricoh GRIIIx in a lot of photos — its a bit smaller than there x100 with the same focal length but a bit more of a care free point and shoot style.


  2. brent Avatar

    Ron, hi, this is my first time commenting on a blog. good musings in this one, tyty

    gettin a bike and yourself in there does help the pics with their story telling compared to a collection of static scenes. makes it more, if you’ll forgive the term, dynamic?? 🙂 and the rush that comes with setting the camera timer and running back to the bike! like being in a le mans start race without the entry fee

    looking forward to the eastern spring ephemerals joining your photos and/or cooking


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    1. ronnie romance Avatar
      ronnie romance

      lol, love the camera timer sprint! 10 seconds starting …….. its everything you’d imagine

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  3. Stephen Avatar

    Hi Ron, Ive been enjoying these blogs, thanks for putting them into the ether. The drop bar alumalith looks terrific, and the CT riding too. Love those shots with the river mist/fog.

    All the best,



    1. Ronnie Avatar

      hey thanks Stephen! the weird warm winter weve been having here has pumped out a lot of river fog as the waters came all the way from Canada. hope you have a great Sunday!


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