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ATB local looping (vacay pt 3)

look! troy at an overlook

now that we were back home with a 2 week staycation ahead of us, we could relax into the Hollidays — most of my friends were off work too, so plenty of mid week jaunts into the woods were in order.

only one way up, but keeps the feet warm

I am power posting these blogs now that I figured out the layout. I will do something on IG again maybe by the end of the week! hope you like blogs though! this is way more fun for me personally.

xo Ronnie

3 responses to “ATB local looping (vacay pt 3)”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    I’m on instagram, but I come from the blogspot generation, so here is my comfort zone. Keep it up Ronnie, I really appreciate your posting.


  2. J. Williams Avatar
    J. Williams

    I am not on instagram and and I very much love the blog posts. I can really spend time with them.


  3. ASDF Avatar

    Blogs are better. Living vicariously through these as I wait out the winter.


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