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to Larkin Cycles to go halves on bike boxes

could be the last ferry of the season … good excuse to take a ride over the other side of the river to deep river — home of the recently LA to here transplant, and all round really talented and great guy. we had to buy some bike boxes. its so hard to find the right size and have it not be ULINE. its possible, but we had to do some compromising on dimensions. geez, right!?! well not “geez”, like literal. that would be so uline

thats my Larkin Cycles photoshoot exclusive. we were mostly just buying boxes like I said. then it was time to go. did the cut through private property into pine ledge (nice dirt) around the old quarry, and a hiker’s dog bit me. happens so much now I don’t even bother saying anything. dogs just bite cyclists. aint never gonna change. they were here first I guess

feeling energized to ride — could it be more than my 3 new bikes?

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