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2022 nutmeg country single track spring fling

Easter Weekend! Meet at the Hadlyme Ferry landing in Lyme CT across the river from chester at 10:40. the first ferry of the day leaves the chester side at 10:30am. last ferry from the Hadlyme side is 5:20 pm, so take into account your fitness and bike handling skills if you plan on parking in chester. a plus of parking in chester is enjoying some really good pizza at otto and a beer or several at little house brewing.

if you drive or ride around north and take the Godspeed bridge, it will just ad about 8 miles on your way back to chester. the ferry landing is a fine place to park here on the hadlyme side, and we will likely have a small party afterwards. we will take a poll at the start.

Max and Michael last spring fling above the CT river

bring a mountain bike, but can be done on anything if you’ve got the right dance moves. the route is 49 miles and nearly half single track. all ridable rigid with a low enough crawling gear. an old 26er is perfect. we will ride a mixture of country roads and 1 track down to the beach and picnic at rocky neck state park. from there its north a bit until we hit 13 continuous miles of single track on the Goodwin trail. if you’d like to camp off the Goodwin, that’s a fun idea too. you’ll find plenty of good spots.

note these routes (except for the bail out option) don’t start at the ferry landing — just .5 miles off route. I am confident you can find your way, and if you can’t …. then yer in for quite the day!

and here is the bailout option that follows the same route to the beach, but then takes PREMIUM paved country roads back north instead of the 13 miles on the Goodwin trail.

the ride with gps route link features waypoints that might be helpful.

CT slick rock on the Goodwin trail

this is a 100% self supported ride. bring your food and water and probably a purifier if its warm and you sweat easily. lots of wild water on the route. good swimming… classic 1 track. there is a market at mile 14ish thats marked on the ride with gps route link.

if ya wanna camp nearby on Friday night there are options, email me ::: otherwise we will run this like we did the nor’easter in 2020. only with 9 days notice this time around! clllllassic.

hope to see ya’ll soon!

please register for free at this bike reg event link

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