micro colorado man made right here in nutmeg country

keep finding weird new (to me) things near home. had first heard about rt 11 ghost road a few years back, but hadn’t checked it out until recently. yesterday on a warm October day a group of 5 of us met up at Long Table Farm where our friends/shippers Bri and Ryley work and live.

ice cream and then up the side of the abandoned (never used) bridge built in 1972. its a bit steep and prickly, but nothing a few farmers can’t handle. I rather like the climb up as it stretches the calves.

the bridge to know where goes somewhere. the washed out road leads into the artificial canyon microclimate. I thought it was fun that we had 2 Weigles on this ride as we randomly ran into Arya as she was wheeling down Beaver Brook rd on a roady ride when we intercepted. of course she wanted to see the ghost canyons of nutmeg country. they are getting more dramatic by the minute.

a tale of two Weigles

we left our bikes at the bottom of the “canyon of lost highways/souls” and hiked up to the tops. a mini Colorado awaited. a canyon carved by a folly. glad our area is so into stopping highways from cutting through their back yards and dinosaur foot prints. thats a real thing… read it on a forum that dinosaur foot prints are among the myriad of reasons why this highway never happened.

Ballz lost their croc in a slow speed fall into a mud hole BTW. 2 minutes later it was excavated.

we then parted ways to our respected pockets of the lower river valley and called it a fine day out. love this time of year. I think I say that about every time of year though.

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