weekend and midweek jaunts at the end of peaking

look hard, there is a bike rider on the Joshuatown bridge

some rides from the past week. ive been getting out mid day and going to work from 2-dinner time to take advantage of the light now that its dark at 4:20. okay, gotta gt to work early today — Mondays, ammmmiiirriggghhht???

other news would be we mayyybeee have frame building undergrounder “Darren Larkin” moving to the area to start a production shoppe. he is the tall guy on my romancer in a few of these photos.

micro colorado man made right here in nutmeg country

keep finding weird new (to me) things near home. had first heard about rt 11 ghost road a few years back, but hadn’t checked it out until recently. yesterday on a warm October day a group of 5 of us met up at Long Table Farm where our friends/shippers Bri and Ryley work and live.

ice cream and then up the side of the abandoned (never used) bridge built in 1972. its a bit steep and prickly, but nothing a few farmers can’t handle. I rather like the climb up as it stretches the calves.

the bridge to know where goes somewhere. the washed out road leads into the artificial canyon microclimate. I thought it was fun that we had 2 Weigles on this ride as we randomly ran into Arya as she was wheeling down Beaver Brook rd on a roady ride when we intercepted. of course she wanted to see the ghost canyons of nutmeg country. they are getting more dramatic by the minute.

a tale of two Weigles

we left our bikes at the bottom of the “canyon of lost highways/souls” and hiked up to the tops. a mini Colorado awaited. a canyon carved by a folly. glad our area is so into stopping highways from cutting through their back yards and dinosaur foot prints. thats a real thing… read it on a forum that dinosaur foot prints are among the myriad of reasons why this highway never happened.

Ballz lost their croc in a slow speed fall into a mud hole BTW. 2 minutes later it was excavated.

we then parted ways to our respected pockets of the lower river valley and called it a fine day out. love this time of year. I think I say that about every time of year though.

instagram on the computer

from instagram Sunday the 9 11th so you don’t forget. Labor Day weekend rides:: really packed em in. Friday long MTB with Sean, a ride to “celebrate East Haddam” and the haddam neck fair. nice to get out to “the neck” for some inverse (overse?) elevation ratios. Sunday was a ride across the river to Cockaponset groomers, county road chunk, to the secret mill falls that might not be secret if you are among the 5 people who would care about that sorta thing around here. we got all wet and then laid naked like lizards on a granite slab in the sun. radiated. great way to let go of summer by going deep inside of it.

blog like 2006

do you remember the internet? I remember it as being pretty informative and fun… blogs and whatnot. blogspot in particular. had a few that I would check daily or weekly such as cosmic country, republic of doom, gypsy by trade (pre Lael, Lael), my olde roady team, and the king of them all, Belgium Knee Warmers just to name a few. oh, and Guitar Ted (my OG dirt drop resource) is still at it!

seems like a good time to start blogging again since I don’t really look at Instagram too much, and promoting black holes for folks attention doesn’t really appeal to me. I hope to use this as a place for my photos, thoughts, and routs to live algorithm free.


summer road trip photo dump

a drive in a van from Hadlyme CT to Montana, down to New Mexico and back. I dropped Arya and Sam off at the start of the GDMBR at the Canadian boarder and set off on a van vacation visiting friends who live along the continental divide.

felt so good to be back out again after being here in Hadlyme for 1.5 years. I love New England, but nice to see through the trees some times.

the proverbial summer feelings were all there… but fleeting as if it were already October. the feelings that is. the fires were already burning, and the c’vid already spiking… it was evident that we were having this summer fun in a vacuum.

lol, welp, enjoy the photos!