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Connecticut Routes and bike camps

for now I would just take a look at my strava. i do everything on strava. I love strava. its my favorite social media — did you know that Dinosaur Jr. J Mascis’s only social media is strava? I don’t get paid by strava, furthermore I actually pay themmmm for my account — and they don’t much care about recreational cycling — they are more into their athletes. maybe some day they will realize how many folks they are leaving behind with that model — J Mascis included.

while not all my strava routes are legal, if I’ve done one of them, then they are doable and likely allllright as far as fun goes. I did not start recording my rides on strava until we were grounded with the pandemic (remember that??) since we never really had reliable ways of charging batteries on the road —- years of battery hoarding — would have been cool to have all that ride/life data though!

well, if you follow along with my strava, then you probably won’t even need to bother coming here. its kinda my personal blog anyway, and I post all photos from the specific rides along with the routes. pretty cool as a blog, but really seems that not many of you are into strava. I get it. cyclejock negative connotations for sure. but did I mention I love strava??? its way better than IG. arguably better than YouTube. and tiktok is for tweens who need to be plugged in like that cuz one day they will live immersed in a dystopian cyborg world. they need that head start for survival. not us though, my data shows that most of you grew up in the 90s hardcore/punk scene. how fun how we all found the thrill of bikes after those rickety bones kept us from responsibly stage diving. i’m just kidding, I have no data on you and am just projecting.

routes to come soon!