• ATB Sundays

    ATB Sundays

    40 degrees feels great in the winter woods when the sun shines all day. what a bright blue day for our Sunday ride this week. only three of us, but 3’s a crowd ya know. Josh is on a lovers vacation in Oaxaca, Joe was sick, Lars had a plumbing accident and so on… after… Read more

  • New Years day ride to eagles beak peak

    New Years day ride to eagles beak peak

    New Years day last weekend was record breaking warm. a few of us from our strava group headed out to take advantage of the balmy temps to crawl up to the headiest heights of the Higganum hills to the dizzying elevation of 619ft. the map reads eagles beak — in my search for winter overlooks… Read more

  • selfies of riding with one’s self

    selfies of riding with one’s self

    at this point in my “hey can I take your photo?” journey, I’ve said that enough that no one really takes a camera out riding with me any more… oh well… only John Watson takes photos of meeee these days … could be worse. thats why I have one of those cool little bendy Gumby… Read more

  • drop bars alumalith

    drop bars alumalith

    when building up my alumalith 01, I had a decently difficult time (in the best of ways) deciding what bars I wanted to use, both more functionality and overall example to the internet. as many of you know I went with my uncle rons ortho upright bars, as I do believe them to be the… Read more

  • ATB local looping (vacay pt 3)

    ATB local looping (vacay pt 3)

    now that we were back home with a 2 week staycation ahead of us, we could relax into the Hollidays — most of my friends were off work too, so plenty of mid week jaunts into the woods were in order. I am power posting these blogs now that I figured out the layout. I… Read more

  • wintär vacation pt 2

    wintär vacation pt 2

    freshly returned from the west coast, Arya and I went into the factory in Waterbury to tie up loose ends before the 2.5 week staff vacation. we drive by Castle Craig (such a funny name for a castle) every time we commute betwixt our home and work, and for whatever reason never made the stop.… Read more