• Times down in the valley with no river

    Times down in the valley with no river

    Surprise surprise, Arya could not stay away from the sun, and my buns. If you’d like to see said buns, then all you have to do is ask. I’m not shy, and like to be desired for my body. Thats old news though, this post is all about the visitors last week to “LTS” (long… Read more

  • Annual Lael Wilcox fan (me) ride

    Annual Lael Wilcox fan (me) ride

    ive been a Lael fan since before Lael’s Globe of Adventure. Thats a deep deep cut, and unfortunately the actual site is no longer there. Worth clicking around that ol’ blog as it serves to me as original inspiration to go off and live from the saddle of the touring bike. A cheep and easy… Read more

  • made it to AZ

    made it to AZ

    after an extended stay in Terlingua TX you may have read about in the last post, Patz and I drove through a windstorm across west Texas-NM-and AZ. 45 mph sustained with 60 gusts — more wind than I have ever felt, and there were a bunch of tipped over semis on the sides of the… Read more

  • part 3 west texas

    part 3 west texas

    wow part 3 looks a lot different eh? I always seem to find that the west truly begins on interstate 10 around Ozona Texas. Maybe its Sonora… Sonora seems to on the nose though. Since we last talked, I spent 3 days in Austin Texas durring which i did not ride my bike except to… Read more

  • Tennessee and Arkansas west pt2

    Tennessee and Arkansas west pt2

    Tennessee has always grabbed my attention while driving through in the past, but I’d never really stopped there much other than a nice ride around the Chattanooga area with pal Gaston Farmer. While passing through the western corner of the state this time form Kentucky, i found a bunch of heat on strava within my… Read more

  • Hitting the road west pt1

    Hitting the road west pt1

    since this is a quit corner of my internet life, let me let you insiders in on a little insider’s secret —- we’ve had a “sprinter” van since nov. 2018. We lived in it for 2 whole years before covid, after having lived off of our bicycles for 3 years (Arya), 6 years (me) prior.… Read more