• cloudy days

    cloudy days

    2 weeks of clouds — warm clouds — but clouds. I am usually in desert southern places right now, and exception only broken once in 13 years … that whole 2020 thing you might remember. still headed down to Arizona, but not for another week or so. I plan on laying down naked and sizzling […] Read more

  • internal warmth in winter

    internal warmth in winter

    the temps were 30-40 this past weekend, so we mainly stuck to the trails on Saturday and Sunday. i’ve touched on this before, but if you live in a place where snow does not stick around when it happens, if at all — and it’s too cold to get out on the road or any […] Read more

  • picking up the alumaliths at frank the welders

    picking up the alumaliths at frank the welders

    the time has at long last arrived, the first run of Alumaliths are now being prepped and polished to ship. Last Monday I took the 2.3 hour drive north on I91 to Frank’s shop — something I’d only done in my dreams — but there is a fine line between dreams and reality these days […] Read more

  • ATB Sundays

    ATB Sundays

    40 degrees feels great in the winter woods when the sun shines all day. what a bright blue day for our Sunday ride this week. only three of us, but 3’s a crowd ya know. Josh is on a lovers vacation in Oaxaca, Joe was sick, Lars had a plumbing accident and so on… after […] Read more

  • New Years day ride to eagles beak peak

    New Years day ride to eagles beak peak

    New Years day last weekend was record breaking warm. a few of us from our strava group headed out to take advantage of the balmy temps to crawl up to the headiest heights of the Higganum hills to the dizzying elevation of 619ft. the map reads eagles beak — in my search for winter overlooks […] Read more

  • selfies of riding with one’s self

    selfies of riding with one’s self

    at this point in my “hey can I take your photo?” journey, I’ve said that enough that no one really takes a camera out riding with me any more… oh well… only John Watson takes photos of meeee these days … could be worse. thats why I have one of those cool little bendy Gumby […] Read more