troy last weekend

so the latest update is that there is no update. Farmer Jess was supposed to have a meeting with the town land use guy on Tuesday, but he was exposed to covid and canceled. what everyone should know is that there will 100% be an event, we just don’t want to open reg until we know what kind of event to have folks plan for.

so keep the calendars booked for the weekend of October 22nd. you are coming to the lower Connecticut river valley for rough roads and peak fall foliage, the last of of the show in New England.

we get the last of it!

so be prepared to camp off your bike if we don’t end up figuring out parking. maybe we will? I still have no idea, hence not opening reg yet. we doooo have FIRE IN THE KITCHEN pizza booked for a 6th year now though!

I will check in at least once a week here moving forward. still very much looking forward to celebrating the season with everyone.

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