So we had a small but maybe large parking issue last year that may or may not be an issue this year // that is the primary reason reg is not open yet — the other is that if it weren’t for the last minute when would anything get done?? a true anthem.

if you’ve been a Nor’easter voyeur or participant over the past 6 years, you know that the organization, and lack thereof, looks a bit different from year to year. I know its not always most ideal for everyone, but the amount of energy we have available to put into this event year to year varies with our travel schedule, or how much we have on our business plate/platter —this year it’s definitely a platter.

so we are meeting every 2 weeks with Jess from Cold Spring Farm (where we’ve held the most formal events in 2019 and 2021), and figuring out what we can and can’t do according to the town. 2 of the fields we were using for parking and car camping are leased from the town as open space… and well… someone complained to the town that we were having a “motorcycle rally” last year. lol. we are in the process of proving to the town that we are just different looking cyclists who bring a lot of business to the small business of East Haddam and Colchester. we still have a town meeting ahead of us … so we are working on it!

all this being said, if it all goes to hell at the town meeting and they start throwing tomatoes at us … we will meet at the Chester (the Paris of Nutmeg Country) commuter lots on the other side of the river, and make the farm a half way camp point on a number of touring routes I will make for different rider levels. there would be no car camping on the farm, so no car camping at all, just the bikes like it kinda was in 2020 and a few years prior. we would have pizza from fire in the kitchen at the farm once we got there… the farm food truck too … then the route would continue back to Chester on Sunday.

Now this is if we fail miserably at the town meeting in proving we aren’t gang affiliated motorcyclists … I lol again. so this is really just a heads up. could be just like last year which would be fantastic … although I think last year will be hard to top. “you shoulda been here last year” they will say. last year was Arya’s full time job for 2 months, so don’t expect that level of organization again this year with our current responsibilities… although the template is there, so suppose it could be turn key with a jumper cable operation too.

we are also in a really weird drought in much of New England (could change this week!). it has barely rained in months here, and if this kind of weather continues the next 2 months, fire restrictions will be in place, and we won’t be able to have camp fires in the farmer’s field for risk of setting it ablaze. now that would be a real moto rally! the leaves will also be a bit more muted — but you never know with nature’s pre winter fireworks.

so we hope to have some sort of reg open by mid September. I know a lot of folks are traveling a long ways for this, so we will try for earlier — but we’ve got some hurdles to go still.

looking forward to hanging at the edge of the season with y’all!

Ronaldo U. Romance

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